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The International Society for Plastination is a multidisciplinary organization, including people within all fields of science interested in the technique of Plastination. Plastination refers to the use of polymers to infiltrate and preserve any material for teaching, research or diagnostic purposes.

“12th International Interim Conference on Plastination
Durban, South Africa, July 2 to 7, 2017 ”

Dear Friends and Colleagues
The Discipline of Clinical Anatomy in the School of Laboratory Medicine & Medical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban in conjunction with the International Society for Plastination (ISP) announces the first ever workshop/conference on plastination in Africa. The 12th International Interim Conference/workshop on Plastination will be held from July 2-7, 2017, in Durban, South Africa - one of the most beautiful and leading tourism destination in South Africa!
We are honored to host this interim conference of the International Society for Plastination, and to welcome national and international speakers and participants who will certainly make this meeting a resounding success. The theme of the Conference/workshop ‘Plastination and Anatomy Education: Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa’ could not have come at a very critical moment of South Africa’s educational road map.
This important scientific event will be unique because participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas regarding plastination, and also learn the technique by hands-on practice from a select group of expert scientists from all over the world.  Whether you have experience in plastination or you are a novice, there will be something for everyone. 
I hope you will join us to help make the 12th Interim Conference a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience. For more information please contact me at Azu@ukzn.ac.za and visit the conference website at http://plastination2017.co.za/
Warmest Regards
Dr. OO Azu
President of the Interim Conference

The 6th Plastination Workshop In Toledo, Ohio, USA June 18-22, 2017

The Laboratory of Plastination of University of Toledo, College of Medicine, will be hosting a workshop on Silicone and Sheet Plastination Technique. The hands-on workshop will cover the basic principles of Silicone, Polyester (P40) and Epoxy (E12) techniques. For more information please contact Dr. Carlos Baptista (carlos.baptista@utoledo.edu) Click here to access the website of the workshop.