Exhibitor information


Thank you for your interest in the 10th International Interim Conference on Plastination. Our exhibitors will have the opportunity to display their products and services throughout the entire conference in the Collier Building on the UT Health Science Campus just steps away from the auditorium. The Collier Building is situated in the center of the conference activity, which will span five buildings on our campus.

There are 60 participants registered for the conference coming from 23 different countries on six continents, plus an additional group of ten faculty and guests. We are grateful for the sponsorship of our exhibitors and their help in making this meeting an enriching experience for all. We hope you will take the time to visit their exhibits at the conference and learn more about them by visiting their Web sites:


B/R Instrument Corporation

B/R Instrument Corporation “discovered” the need for recycling in 1978.  Since that time, B/R has placed recycling systems in laboratories worldwide.  B/R’s reputation in the market has become well established.  Our success is not only due to making reliable, safe and cost efficient recycling systems, but also in knowing how to manage waste in the laboratory.

The company’s mission plan focuses on our commitment to laboratory recycling and distillation. B/R’s intense focus on the specific business of recycling will provide your corporation with the best possible equipment and support available in the market today and in the future.


CBG Biotech

CBG Biotech designs, manufactures and sells cart and bench-top solvent and formalin recyclers specifically for histology, cytology, and research laboratories. All equipment is designed to be safe and easy to use in the laboratory and to offer immediate cost savings. CBG Biotech recyclers provide the highest purity of recovered solvents, and with maximum recovery. CBG Biotech recyclers meet UL standards, fire code provisions, and safety requirements. CBG Biotech also manufactures Formula 83™, a clearing solvent designed specifically for tissue processing and staining processes, giving lab professionals an alternative to the toxicities associated with xylene, toluene, d-limonenes, and related hydrocarbons, without giving up performance.



Mopec, Inc. furnishes products, equipment and services for the pathology and histology related sciences.  Related equipment includes autopsy/necropsy tables, morgue refrigerators, cabinets, grossing work stations, cadaver handling and storage equipment.  Mopec provides consulting, engineering and manufacturing and installation of mortuary, pathology and allied sciences products and equipment.

Mopec is dedicated to one standard: Continued growth by providing our customer with the best quality products/services at competitive prices with unmatched service.


Please contact Kathy McVicker, conference coordinator at (419) 389-2651, or kmcvicker.interim2011@plastination.org for more information.